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Anybody has any experience using sound detection module like this? I bought sound sensor such as on photo. I connect VCC to VCC, GND to GND and AO to ANALOG . The Sound sensor module for the Arduino shown in the image above has the ability to detect different sizes of sound.

In this example we will use the sound sensor to . It detects the sound intensity in . FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Today however we are going to . Phantom YoYo Arduino compatible High Sensitivity Moisture Sensor. Buy the latest arduino sound sensor module GearBest. Intelligent vehicle for: Amazon.

The sound sensor is the perfect sensor to detect environmental variations in noise. We used an arduino sound sensor to detect fluctuations in sound which then caused the LEDs to turn on based on different volumes that we coded for.

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Tutorial on how to interface sound sensor with arduino and level measurement. AO – analog output, real-time output voltage . Oh, the joys of buying something off the Internet with no datasheet, no part number and no clue how to use it. And then expecting somebody else to . If you set the threshold just below the current sound level in the room, any noise . DO – the digital output depends on the sound intensity and the threshold that has been.

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