DeckLink capture and playback cards are used every day in the production of. PCIe capture and playback card with advanced 12G-SDI for working in S H . DELTA-3G-elp Compact single channel SDI capture card. Matrox VSQuad HD capture and ISO Recording Card for Telestream Wirecast. Capture up to four HD video streams.

Review Blackmagic Design Computer Hardware, Computer Video . Shop with confidence on ! HD-SDI PCIe and laptop video capture cards are compatible with SDI, HDMI, DVI and analogue cameras. Resolume supports blackmagic capture cards, so set up is easy, however, with all my. Using Ustream Producer software and adding capture cards or boxes, you can turn any. But if you want to connect analog, HDMI or SDI signals directly to your . Osprey 840e, Osprey 845e, Osprey 825e, Osprey 815e, Osprey 816e. HD SDI, ASI Video, 4x HD or 2x 3G SDI, ASI, 2x 3G SDI, ASI Video, 1x HD SDI, ASI . List all the formats your system needs to support and buy . The ultimate digital cinema capture card featuring two full frame DCI 4K inputs and outputs via 12G-SDI!

You get dual link multi rate 12G-SDI connections that . SDI camera is be transfer HDMI output by SDI to HDMI adapter HDMI. Developed for capturing multiple High Definition SDI video signals, the Radian 3G-SDI card is the perfect solution for AV professionals looking to capture from . Voffers several hardware based video capture options to bring SDI, DVI and Display Port signals into Hippotizer systems. Description This AV capture card by Delock can be used to transfer video signals,.

Single and dual channel SDI capture and playback for both regular 2D and new 3D . OBS Wirecast twitch ustream VMIX skype. Four lane PCIe lane bus, Net 1. Triple channel PCI Express capture card. Video capture modes supports include Single or Dual Link DVI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, RGB, Component YPbPr, Composite video and S-video.

For higher SDI resolutions, two DataPath VisionSDIwould do the trick . If you have an SDI car you can use the card to capture video and print to tape from the timeline. For more information, see Printing Video to Tape from the . Supports DVB-ASI and full-frame SDI . PCIe cards that are great for capturing multiple HDMI or SDI inputs.