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It has the least clean headroom. Find great deals on for Mullard ELin Vintage Tubes and Tubes Sockets. Shop with confidence on ! Deze ELkrijgt relatief snel een randje en krijgt een heerlijk romige overdrive sound.

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. With lush mids and punchy bass, these guys are sure to please even the . We have mostly Mullard branded and boxed Mullard ELat the moment. Anybody try the Mullard reissue EL tubes? Steve Hoffman Music Forumsforums. Black plates, carbonized screens, and gold plated grids.

Russian made Mullard reissue EL84. Maybe the first ELmade by Mullard. Anyone with hands on of either?

To demonstrate its use and quality the Mullard applications lab produced an amplifier design. The popular vintage tubes here are those by Telefunken, Amperex, or Mullard. Virtually all European ELtubes used grey plates, often with cooling fins at the . With black plates, carbonized screens, and gold plated grids, this tube was . Buy the Mullard ELMullard Reissue Tube Pair at Full Compass. Spend over $2and get free shipping! English: A current production of Mullard ELvacuum tube.

Read Mullard ElReviews and Customer Ratings on 12auecc8professional cd players,professional audio mastering,professional conference, Reviews, . Mullard ELVacuum Tube Based on the original Mullard ELthat graced affordable quality Hi-Fi amplifiers in the 60s this re-issue features black plates . Can anybody provide some insight into the differences in tone you get between the JJ ELand the Mullard Re-issue? One of the best sounding ELtubes ever made! Mullard-Made in the UK, these are branded RTC for the French Military.

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Mullard ELAudio Power Vacuum Tube The Mullard name and trademark have been acquired by the New Sensor Corporation. Based on the original Mullard ELthat graced affordable quality Hi-Fi amplifiers in the ’60s, this re-issue features black plates, carbonized screens, and gold . This new production Mullard .