Above): a diagram of connecting the receiver to an Arduino. Test Arduino Software Sketch for IR Infrared Remote Control Kit (TESTED!!) [Other . It is really easy to control an Arduino using an infrared remote. There is one particular remote that is available from multiple sources and is really quite cheap, . Hi guys, I’m sharing with you a project I’ve recently done.

I’ts about how you can control some LED’s with a remote control and your Arduino. In this tutorial we will connect and capture the IR codes with an Arduino UNO. To download the library we used. Spring naar Arduino Code For IR remote Control – you can change these code according to your remote key code received at arduino serial . Upload this sketch and then open the Serial Monitor.

Then aim your remote control to the IR receiver and press some keys. I made this Arduino project that allows to turn ON and OFF LEDs using a cheap IR remote control as a preparation for the next big step: disassemble my girl. In this example, all you need is the TSOP3IR receiver connected to an Arduino and a common remote control.

The IR LED and button can stay connecte but . It turns out that connecting an RC receiver to your Arduino project is about the same as connecting a servo, and the code is just as simple.