Purchase 6SNvacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data sheets and specs to help upgrade your tube audio amplifier and preamp. The 6SNis basically two 6Jtriodes in one envelope.

Find great deals on for Tube 6SN7GT NOS in Vintage Tubes and Tubes Sockets. Electro-Harmonix 6SNEH Gold Pin Preamp Vacuum Tube. Sovtek 6SN7GT Preamp Vacuum Tube. Merknaam, Brimar, CBS, Channel Master, Cossor, Elektro Harmonix, GE, Haltron, Hytron, ITT, KenRa Ming Da, National, Philco, Philips, Pope, Raytheon, RCA .

Except for heater and heater warm-up time ratings, the 12$N7-GTA is identical to the 6SN7-GTB. I was told by some very experienced tube nuts that the best 6SNis the earliest version of Sylvania VT-231. This tube was first developed and produced by RCA. They were part of the RCA Premium . This thread archives the physical construction of popular NOS 6SNtubes, with the aim of helping tube buyers make informed purchases. N- Electrically IDENTICAL to the 6SNtube.

For you solid-staters, let this be a (perhaps frightening) glimpse into that . This is the fifth update on the sound performance of the vintage 6SNtypes. These amazing military spec tubes, various brandings, are known for their amazing .

This month is an exception with the presentation of the 6SN7. Brown base 6SN7GT Tube with silky clear top end and rich. SN7-SE GLOBE, Shuguang Treasure Series The Shuguang 6SN7-SE.

Some of the rarest 6SN7GT vintage tubes are shown in this video. Aliexpress is waar je moet zijn om nuttige 6snvacuum tube beoordelingente vinden. Je kan de meest diepgaande beoordelingen, waarderingen en feedbacks . FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

The only good 6SNtubes are the JAN designated ones and made in United States. Each half of the 6SNis electrically equal to the 6Jtriode. The wide glass tube envelope is mm in diameter and excluding the IO base pin length, stands 65 . The tube is still used today in high end audio equipment. Find art, books, cameras, suits, fashion, prom dresses, a PC or TV, furniture and more on . Need another set of 6SNand 5Utubes for my Cary SLI-and am wondering what your favorites might be.

Can you guys recommend some tubes to try in my Dodd Reference Level Pre?