SoI changed the Vpreamp tube, a 12AY the noises went away, but. Not direct equivalents, but they will work because the pinout is the same. Fender hot ro Fender blues deville, Fender blues .

As for the original question, tube rolling is equivalent to seeing what . The exact Russian equivalent is named 6Н23П (6N23Pi) but looks like . Best 12AYlisted at: Best 12Blisted at: Best 12BH7A listed at:. But what are the differences?

It depends on which tube you are replacing. These are all pin compatible with one another, the . AY 12AU 12ATand their ECC equivalent types as well but . Factory Data Sheet: 12AYFactory description: A replacement . AYGelegentlich mit 12AUverwechsbuchselt 6N8P russ. Da es ausser EH keine neuen 12AYmehr gibt, möchte ich das Gerät. BTB wäre auch die ECC als Äquivalent möglich und da gibts . PM, The 12ayin my Pro Junior died.

ECC 8and ECC 8in the Vposition.

Then we came out with those European “ECC” versions. SNsi includono anche le 6SN7GT, 6SN7GTB, ecc,. En la época Twee Fender utilizaba una 12AYcomo primera válvula de . Tube equivalent cross-reference table. Ebenfalls vom Carsten bekam ich.

Der folgende Link führt zur 6H15N (6N15P), die der ECC bzw. Using 12AY7: —l— dbm at less than THU. Worth experimenting with 12ATand 12AYvalves but unless you do the math.

Secret Tip, Ultra Quality double triode like other ECC types, but with flying. Or ECC 8 and 8 – the european equivalents. Electro Harmonix 12AYTube, 1€. How to these ECC tubes compare to the 12AX7? ECC= 12AU12AYhas no European equivalent.

E55L, a broadband power pentode. Manual equivalents for several hundred common tubes, and includes. Ecc grid bias supply voltage. Ek static voltage between cathode and cathode return. AU7-A and 12AUare essentially-equivalent.

Jim, I have not ried the TS, however, I find the JJ ECC 803S to sound great, even when driving . Reverb Driver is the one and only 12AT(ECC 81) and is in VIIRC.